Michael & Glesse

Mogg Visuals continuously challenges the set standards and aims to offer unique experience to their clients through their tailored-fit services.

“One with the crowd” has been their guiding motto; making sure that everyone is comfortable in their presence and stepping up the vibe in every occassion.

Michael Mogg

Wedding Filmmaker. Corporate Videographer. Storyteller. Occasional Dancer. Amazing Husband to Glesee

Would you believe that his first video gig was for only $100 and a wedding gig for only $50? Well that was in 2015 when he was still figuring out the lifestyle that he wants.

He knew he wanted to be someone behind the lens, so he did everything he can. Self taught skills and his first camera which is a Canon 600D allowed him to set his foot at the door of this industry.

Over the years, his services expanded from casually filming gigs to corporate events and then to weddings. Capturing the groom crying, bride stunningly smiling or guests freely dancing sparked a flame in him that grew into fire which made him say: “This is what I always want to do”.

Glesee Mogg

Wedding Filmmaker. Corporate Videographer. Traveller. Sidekick and a Cool Wife to Michael

I guess her love for photography made it easy for her to love videography. Before meeting Michael, now her husband, she’s very much into travelling and photography. Then like a breath of fresh air, Michael arrived and showed her the value of capturing life’s wonderful surprises in videos.

Of course, her teacher in learning the basics of taking videos is none other than her husband, Michael. From being a sidekick to being a main shooter in Mogg Visuals, Glesee is surely enjoying every event that they are in.

The excitement that she feels whenever they are out to film an event is almost as equal to her excitement whenever she’s eating her favorite food: chocolates . Aside from that, who wouldn’t be excited to film an event knowing that you’re working with your life partner, right?

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